Beginning of the farm

Takaji Farm started when my grandfather migrated to this place from Miyazaki. He had a hard time to cultivate the new land of Kumamoto. After many years of trials and errors, he finally succeeded in grape cultivation and developed the present farming method. He planted an apricot tree that he had brought from Miyazaki. The apricot tree took roots in the empty wild land. It was the first fruit here and is in blooming beautifully even today near the restaurant.

Soil made by grass cultivation

You may be surprised seeing the farm ground covered by overgrown weeds. Rich soil is critical for fruitful products. Takaji Farm does not use pesticide. We grow weeds in the field and mow them to make sedimentary humus that is indispensable for a rich land. The power of the land is made by the land itself.

Reduce pesticides and create natural enemies

Fruits can also make you sick. Care should be taken during the season when the weather is changing rapidly. During the rainy season, we use rain shelter houses and nets to avoid getting wet. Insect control measures also need to be devised. In addition to using insect repellant nets, we plant herbs around the garden to create a habitable environment for beneficial insects such as praying mantis, spiders, and ladybugs. We have learned from many years of experience to create an appropriate natural environment for our fruit.

To keep good taste

Grape cultivation started from my grandfather's time. To grow beautiful grapes, the grain sizes are aligned. The harvest time is important for fruits. Every morning, we check their color in the sunlight to examine the best timing for harvest. The best harvest timing for strawberries and peaches is the moment of fully ripe. However, they are prone to be damaged. So, we are serious everyday.


Company name
Takaji Farm Corporation
Rintaro Takaji
4393-77 Nonoshima, Koshi City, Kumamoto, Japan
Postal code 861-1103
Line of Business
Management of a restaurant,
sale of sweets, harvest and sale of fruits and vegetables, etc.